EURO NRA fined with 2.6 million EURO

EURO 2.6 million will be the fine for the National Revenue Agency for leaking personal data to 4 million and 100 thousand Bulgarians. This was announced by the chairman of the Personal Data Protection Commission, Ventsislav Karadzhov, reported BNT.

The NRA has three days to appeal the amount of the sanction. According to Karadzhov, it will not be increased due to individual complaints of victims.

Whether the NRA will appeal this fine is a matter of management decision, Karadzhov said.

He said that the amount of the fine had taken account of the agency’s responsible behavior following the theft of information from their database.

The commission takes into account the administrator’s actions as a responsible administrator and makes every effort to minimize damage, he said.

The problem is that the NRA should have done more than they did.


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