Ransomware threatens to put your data beyond reach, so the best way to prepare is to have good-quality data you can restore from backup.

Backup can protect against ransomware. The risk of malware infection remains on a constant rise with new infections rapidly spreading every hour, every day.

Over the last few years, ransomware attacks have become more focused and potentially more damaging. Cyber security organisations are seeing slightly fewer attacks but unfortunately “targeted attacks” aimed at businesses.

Crucial practices against ransomware attacks

Update your operating system

Outdated computer systems are relatively more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. This is why it is essential to perform regular software and operating system updates to improve the security of your computer.

Install a reputable security suite

Install a good antivirus software or a reputable security suite to help you detect and fight off malicious threats, giving you an extra form of protection.

Avoid suspicious files

Stay on guard and think twice before opening email attachments or clicking files from unknown sources. Watch out for suspicious files with hidden file-extensions such as “.pdf.exe”

Disable remote access

Malware often targets computers using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Keep RDP disabled if you do not require remote access.

Best weapon against ransomware is Backup

Multi version back up

Backup your computer data to NAS for point-in-time recovery to avoid paying a hefty ransom to unlock your data. Synology Drive Client is the perfect solution to backing up data stored on your computer to Synology NAS servers. You can retain up to 32 historical versions of a single file – kept safe from folder encryption.

Back up NAS data to other destinations

Backing up locally just might not be enough should a more destructive ransomware attack shared folders on your NAS server through accessing file services on your PC. The best way to prevent this is to add another layer of protection by having uninfected backup versions stored in an offsite location. If you fall victim of ransomware, you can still access data stored at different locations.

Snapshot Replication

The cutting-edge Btrfs file system supports state-of-the-art snapshot technology on select NAS models. Snapshot Replication allows you to replicate data from a primary site to an offsite location up to every 5 minutes and 15 minutes for LUNs, ensuring all your critical data in shared folders or virtual machines in iSCSI LUNs can be recovered quickly in the event of disaster.

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