A year after the first positive case, stats for COVID, place Bulgaria among the most infected and deaths.

COVID in Bulgaria bad stats. Nearly a year after the first recorded case of coronavirus in the world, Bulgaria is among the countries with the most infected and deaths.

This ranks Bulgaria first in Europe and second in the world in Covid mortality, according to data from American Johns Hopkins University.

Statistics show that 9% of coronavirus cases in Mexico end in fatalities. In Bulgaria, the infected and deceased are 4%.

We remind that on March 18, Head of the National Operational Headquarters, Gen. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski reported a triple increase in morbidity and mortality in Bulgaria.

“In one week, the death rate has risen by 46% and in two by 124%,” he said

In the last 24 hours 4,467 were the new cases of coronavirus, data from the Single Information Portal show, 18,808 tests were taken, as positive were over 23%.

In the last 24 hours, 169 people have died and 2,260 have recovered. The most newly infected are in the capital – 1,289 people, followed by the region of Plovdiv – with 373, and Varna – with 281. 8,689 patients were hospitalised, with 691 in intensive care units.

COVID mortality in Bulgaria

Over the past 24 hours, 7,465 doses of vaccines have been given. Thus, the total number of vaccinated with first dose is 376,370, and the people with two jabs are now 73,853.

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