27 08, 2021

World’s first crewless, zero emissions cargo ship will set sail in Norway

2021-08-27T16:52:02+03:0027 Αυγούστου, 2021|Κατηγορίες: Ανάπτυξη, Υγεία, Άνθρωποι, Τεχνολογία, Uncategorized, Κόσμος|Tags: , , , |

A Norwegian company has created what it calls the world's first zero-emission, autonomous

9 06, 2021

Google agrees to change global advertising practices as France imposes unprecedented $268 million fine

2021-07-15T15:54:35+03:009 Ιουνίου, 2021|Κατηγορίες: Άνθρωποι, Τεχνολογία, Κόσμος|Tags: , , |

France’s competition watchdog fined Google 220 million euros ($268 million) on Monday for

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