Mask is obligatory everywhere due to the increase of cases

New measures against COVID in Greece after the alarming increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus in the country were announced by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias.

In particular, as announced by Mr. Hardalias, following a relevant proposal of the committee of experts, it was decided that from 1/8 until 31 August it becomes mandatory to use a non-medical mask in all enclosed spaces, including churches, except restaurants and medical exemptions, for people e.g. with respiratory problems or children under 3 years ..

He stressed that there is a strong recommendation for the use of a mask in all outdoor areas where distances can not be observed.

Visits to nursing homes and structures for vulnerable people, such as the homeless, refugees, etc., as well as hospital visits, are also suspended until August 15. In particular, with regard to hospitals, he stressed that where necessary, there will be one attendant per patient who will be given special permission. The presence of medical visitors in hospitals is also prohibited.

From Monday 3/8 and until 9/8 there is a limit of 100 people in all social events, such as weddings and baptisms, while observing all the health rules.

In addition, from Sunday and for a week standing customers are explicitly prohibited in all nightclubs, bars, clubs, live music centers, bars-restaurants, cafes-bars, with the possibility of conversion to use in shops with table seats.

Mr. Hardalias also announced the extension of the protection measures for the residents of the Reception and Identification Centers.

The ban on festivals and other open-air events is also extended until the end of August.

In addition, the measures for keeping distances on the beaches, the protection measures for private pleasure boats and tourist ships are extended until 31/8, as well as the decision regarding the rules for keeping distances.

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management also announced that the suspension of flights with Turkey, Albania and Northern Macedonia will be extended until August 15th.

The decision on land connections (border entry points / negative 72-hour PCR test for the Bastion) is also extended until 15 August, as well as the decision on a negative 72-hour PCR test for incoming flights from Bulgaria, Romania and the United Arab Emirates.

“We monitor daily all the data that exist in relation to the epidemiological loads. We adapt our strategy to each data change and depending on the developments we are ready to use various measures, tools that respond to the type of dispersion and meet the qualitative and spatial characteristics. of cases always with a view to ensuring public health, the health of citizens “, noted the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management.

He added, however, that in recent days there has been a relaxation in terms of compliance with the measures and phenomena of congestion and overcrowding which are reflected in the increasing trend of our cases every day.

“As in the previous phase, the decisive factor in the successful response to the pandemic was the responsibility of the citizens, the individual responsibility of each of us. That was, this is the secret of Greece’s success and at this stage we must all “We show the same responsibility, the same vigilance. So we all go on alert without panic, but responsibly and especially consistently, we leave behind the phenomena of relaxation and we follow the rules faithfully”, noted Mr. Hardalias, concluding:

“The goal of all of us, as we have said many times, until we finally win the war, must be that no other measures need to be taken, and in order to do that we must adhere to what is in force.”

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