E sign and Notarise Docs from Home? We can do it !

As concerns of COVID-19 continue to rise, millions of employees are transitioning into the largest remote workforce the world has ever seen.
But can we do everything in this digital environment?
What if official and legal documents must be signed by two sides?
The answer comes from Taxmanagement and it is…WE CAN DO IT

Blockchain-Powered Data Notarization and E-Signature

With the use of cutting-edge technology, Taxmanagement  can notarize files and sign any document from distance without any human contact. Blockchain-based services for file notarization, e-signing and verification for any kind of document are our tools. And we will use them to ensure the integrity of your business-critical data as well as the regular transparency with no security risks.

Confirmation for file Notarization- E-Signature – Verification

Sign electronically with E-signature, where all required parties can electronically sign files. Once a file is notarized, we send you official confirmation from any device, at any time.

Continue your daily Business activity

Daily business needs can not stop for any reason if we want to hope for a better future and not letting COVID-19 win. Any Contracts, Medical records, Rental or Lease agreements, loan agreements, legal documents, independent contractor agreements, Confidentiality agreements, property registry records, etc. are part of daily business needs.
TaxManagement is here to give solution and support continuing  your Business needs.

Acronis Cloud Backup from SNET IT Services

Backup your data with end-to-end Encryption and Active Ransomware and Crypto-mining Protection.

Accounting Services in Bulgaria

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