Excessive consumption of drugs and antidepressants during the quarantine period in Attica

Amazing results after analysing Urban Garbages at Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Plant. The mental process of quarantine and multi-day incarceration, requiring the required drugs and antidepressants. Head of the nature of the application of the Department of Chemistry of EKPA, instructor Nikolaos Thomaidis reported.

Officially intermittent for carelessness about the beauty of the mood of the mummified, he led to a faithful application of the prompts for use formed, by each time. The tools provided by the application, for the pattern availability of devices of legitimate and illegal psychoactive devices, every time we do our services, from the Center of Sewage Processing of Psyttalia, which issue the from 2010 duration until 2010. Elements of the process of research and application COVID-19, stored fingerprints and conversations searches and attracting the unprecedented through, to the question and search of the other of Attica, from the availability of differences, applications and drugs, compared to 2019.

The highest consumption of cocaine since 2010 found in Urban Garbages

“In particular, the drug has seen an increase in cocaine consumption, which reaches 800 grams per day, the highest since 2010. As for amphetamine, consumption has increased by 650% (!), Compared to 2019. Consumption of methamphetamine has also increased by 37%.

Regarding antibiotics and antiviral drugs, Mr. Thomaidis characteristically characterizes the increase in their consumption, because they were the main means of dealing with the pandemic. “Indicatively, there is a 36% increase in the antibiotic azithromycin. The instructions given by the Health Authorities are typically reflected in the threefold increase in the consumption of paracetamol, but also the simultaneous reduction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs “. Regarding the psychoactive substances benzodiazepines, although there is no significant variation compared to 2019, the professor says, however, there is an increase of 77% in the consumption of lorazepam, a drug with anxiolytic action.

Consumption of antidepressants increased by 31% compared to last year

“Given that the pandemic has greatly affected the mental health of the population, the particularly important category of antidepressants was examined at the same time, and an increase of 31% was observed compared to the previous year.”

COVID-19 is undoubtedly one of the most important pandemics in human history, creating unprecedented conditions of quarantine and social distancing. The forced exclusion and compulsory social isolation, which was caused in the context of individual responsibility, created a new economic and social reality, with obvious effects on the physical and mental health of the affected populations.

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