Why to use a VPN?

There are advantages of routing your internet connection to a VPN server outside the country. Those advantages are all about privacy and security, as well as bypassing geo-blocking.

How VPN works

When you log on to a VPN, you add an encrypted layer to your internet connection. Your location is masked from outside observers and your connection to the net is encrypted. So long as you connect to a website with an address that begins with “HTTPS,” your connection and the data stream between you and that connection remains private.

10 Top Reasons to use VPN

1. Your connection is encrypted.

A VPN provides a “tunneled” connection between your provider and the VPN server. What VPN does best is making long-distance and secure connections between networks. Premium VPNs SNET Business VPN, provide AES 256-bit encryption and the fastest connections.

2. Your web browsing becomes more secure.

The encryption shores up vulnerabilities in your browser. It secures your browser history from your nosy ISP. Internet service providers try to capitalize on tracking user data and sell it to marketers. When you see a barrage of ads on your browser for a product you recently bought, it is because your activity was detected and monitored.

3. You can use public wifi and escape MITM attacks.

A man in the middle (MITM) attack occurs when someone uses an unsecured public wifi service. The hacker gains access to the information you are passing and receiving to/from a third party and uses the stolen data for fraudulent purposes. The attacks can be live, or the hacker can leave malware that can awaken later.

4. Your web location and activity are hidden and masked.

The main purpose of a VPN is to mask the user’s online activity. It does that through deception and, as previously mentioned, encryption. Your location is hidden, because your ISP address is transferred to another server. Your activity is masked because of the below described no-logs policy.

5. With a no-logs policy, you can further hide your activity.

In addition to location masking, a premium SNET Business VPN has a “no-logs” policy. That means that the VPN server will not collect any records of the user’s web activity. ISPs could not, even under subpoena, produce any record of the user’s online activities. Those records do not exist.

6. You can by-pass geo-blocking and censorship.

Geo-blocking detects a user’s geographical area based on the ISP address. The user is then denied access to content available only to local users. Likewise, there are some authoritarian governments that block their citizens from accessing foreign websites considered subversive or controversial.

7. You can be a better shopper.

Some vendors have different price structures for more affluent geographical areas and choose to geo-block users seeking lower prices elsewhere. With a VPN like SNET VPN, you can defeat geo-blocking by logging into a local server.

Hotels, airlines, ticketing agencies and car rental services also use differential pricing practices. For example, when shopping from certain IP locations, the customer could see a variety of ticket prices for the same trip. Smart shoppers can log into a VPN server at the travel destination and do some wise comparison shopping.

8. You can access unlimited entertainment.

Premium VPNs like SNET can successfully bypass local area restrictions to streaming services like Netflix. Because of copyright restrictions, for example, a certain popular movie or television program might not be available outside a certain area.

So, geo-blocking consists of local web restrictions. For example, Netflix programming often varies from region to region. Those programming differences are because of local licensing. So, what may be available in the U.S. is not always available for U.K. viewers, and vice versa.

Sports fans can likewise be denied access to their favorite local teams on the internet. Leagues and teams frequently blackout local games for a variety of commercial and licensing reasons. VPNs can bypass those blackouts.

9. You can have extra security in handling Bitcoin.

Bitcoin miners/investors access an encrypted blockchain network, but are still vulnerable to bots and malware that can steal encryption keys from their computers through so-called crypto jacking malware. VPN adds an additional layer of anonymity and deception by masking the user’s connection.

10 With a premium VPN like SNET VPN – Static, you can access some very nice extras.

SNET Business VPN service includes Static IP for enhanced web security. This feature gives you the opportunity to visit your work network and servers with 100% secure connection from anywhere.

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