Pioneering authentication standards for the modern web

Built for security: Mobile authentication software or SMS could not stop phishing and man-in-the middle attacks at Google.
Employees & customers: The search giant made YubiKey mandatory for all employees, and optional for all end-users.
Results: Zero account takeovers. 4x faster to login. 92% fewer support calls. 100% acceptance rate.

Historically, there has been a tradeoff between great security and usability.

Passwords are fundamentally broken. Basic two-factor authentication, like SMS and mobile apps, is increasingly vulnerable to attackers. And the more secure hardware technologies, such as traditional smart cards, are difficult to deploy and use at scale.

The YubiKey changes this.

Trusted by the world’s largest brands

All Yubico products are manufactured in the USA and Sweden, with highest level of security and privacy. Designed with the respect for our people and the environment, our products are crush- and water- resistant, have no batteries. Proven to last since launch in 2008, our technology has changed the game for modern authentication and encryption and is trusted by governments and the largest technology, finance, retail companies in the world.

Making the internet safer for everyone

Strong security: Stolen credentials from employees, vendors and customers are at the root of the majority of account takeovers. The YubiKey provides advanced phishing protection to stop account takeovers.

Ease of use: The YubiKey is crush-resistant and water-resistant. It requires no battery or cellular network connectivity and its simple touch authentication is four times faster than typing a One Time Password.

Standardization: Yubico is a key contributor to the development of open authentication protocols in order to deliver security in a standardized way across browsers and platforms.

Yubico #1 Security Keys

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