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Company Registration in Bulgaria


We, at Taxmanagement LTD, have a vision: to support your business with top quality accounting services in Bulgaria along with hi technology solutions as to be developed beyond borders. Since 1998, we have assisted more than 1500 companies to get over financial threats coming from unexpected changes in the economic climate and access opportunities in order to maintain or expand their activity globally.

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With deep knowledge and conformity to the global commercial Law, our team of experts offers to the UK companies a full range of financial services to ensure the future of your business; the future in a way that will encourage stability in the markets, sustainable development and a dynamic presence in the Industry.
Our 20 years of experience in Tax optimisation, administrative and fiscal relocation of companies as well as in global business activity give us the privilege of offering a unique expertise to the right price.


Every year, companies are searching for opportunities to expand or establish their presence in countries that fiscal, labor and market conditions will benefit their business maintenance or growth. TaxManagement group of companies is the largest organization in Bulgaria that provides integrated solutions and services to all industries in order to develop new commercial and investment activities beyond their country borders and especially in Bulgaria.

Register a Company in Bulgaria

Accounting Services in Bulgaria
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Services offered by TaxManagement are always in line with the legislation and in accordance with EU Commercial Law and EU Tax Legislation.


Let’s built your Future Success together

TaxManagement, as a pioneer organization in the field, with respect and consistency towards its customers who trust it over time, already applies the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The implementation of General Data Protection Regulation by TaxManagement re-demonstrates our commitment for securing customer data, evolving into its existing processes and helping to strengthen the relationship of trust with its customers.

Bulgaria is Official Member Country of the EU – European Union, therefore the companies which are legally registered in Bulgaria and working abroad are NOT OFFSHORE.

As a pioneer in the field, we use unique privately held IT infrastructure complying the Highest standards of professionalism and professional for the unimpeded service of our customers, ensuring the impartial and smooth operation of your business.
We are committed to 100% security in our communication and continuous improvement of our services with the sole objective of both instantly and guaranteed service to our customers. Our company SNET IT SERVICES is taking care for all that infrastructure, in order client data to be secure and backed up 24x7x365


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High Quality Services always with respect to Bulgarian legislation and in accordance with EU Commercial Law and EU Tax Legislation

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Company Registration in Bulgaria

All our services are covered with
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