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Startup Company Registration in Bulgaria

Starter Company Pack, is the basic pack, to register a new company in Bulgaria.
TaxManagement offers to the customers who will choose this package, the possibility of registering a new company in Bulgaria in JUST 4 days !!!
The procedure is according the Bulgarian Law and the requires the presence of the customer in Sofia.
The company can commerce its business activities ( contract agreements, trade contracts etc. ) in just 4 days after the signing of the proper incorporation documents and after delivering them to the responsible Dpt. of TaxManagement.

Please note that at this stage there is NO need for accounting, according the Bulgarian Law. A full comparison table for all available registration packs is here.

Our International Department of Tax Planning has executives and directors with extensive experience in company formation in Bulgaria, establishment, operation, installation and new business development. As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

Company in Bulgaria

Included in package

  • Company Registration

  • EIK Number

  • Registered Address

  • Capital Bank Account

  • Company Stamp

  • Mail support

  • Physical Presence in Sofia

  • Incorporation Docs in Bulgarian

Why choose TaxManagement

TaxManagement is made up of executives with more than 20 years of experience in the field of finance as well as by a large-scale Legal Department with coverage in 9 countries.

The TM group of companies owes its continuous success and growth to the absolute confidential and secure way of managing its clients’ data. We thank our clients for their trust with new and leading services!.

As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

Ready to expand your Business in Bulgaria?

Register a Company in Bulgaria

Registration Process Step by Step

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Company Registration in Bulgaria

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