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A Bulgarian company is onshore or offshore?2020-05-19T19:01:51+03:00

Bulgaria is Official EU Member State, therefore companies which are headquartered and registered in Bulgaria and has activities abroad are NOT Offshore companies.

Advantages of Romania company2020-05-20T17:03:06+03:00
  • Taxation rate, up to 8% on turnover

  • Company is not offshore and not treated as TaxHeaven

  • Bureaucracy: company is ready within 3 working days

  • Capital Markets
  • Employment: low salaries for all kind of positions.

Legal Forms of companies in Bulgaria2020-07-29T14:34:40+03:00
  • OOD – Limited Liability Company with 2 to 49 shareholders

  • EOOD – Limited Liability Company with 1 (one) shareholder

  • AD – Joint Stock Company (JSC)

  • EAD – Joint Stock Company (JSC) with 1 (one) shareholder

  • NGO – Non Government Organisation

Micro Enterprise Activities2020-05-19T19:26:24+03:00
  • Consultancy and management
  • Banking services

  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • Capital Markets
  • Gambling
  • Development and exploitation of oil reserves and natural gas.

Micro Enterprise Legal Form2020-05-19T19:25:11+03:00

That legal form is very attractive especially for services companies as the income tax rate is between 1% to 3% on the turnover. Maximum turnover is 1 million EURO and the Dividend Tax Rate is 5%

Micro Enterprise Taxation2020-05-19T19:24:42+03:00
  • 1% on turnover in case the company has at least 1 full time employee

  • 3% on turnover for companies with no employements

  • 5% Dividend Tax Rate

Physical presence in Bulgaria to register a company?2020-05-19T19:18:10+03:00

All you have to do is go to the nearest Consulate or the Embassy of Bulgaria to sign the incorporations documents, which are prepared by the our Legal Department of the company.

Shareholders needed for a Bulgarian company2020-05-19T19:19:03+03:00
  • 1 – 49 for OOD/EOOD (LLC)

  • 1 to unlimited for AD/EAD (JSC)

What documents i need for a new company registration?2020-05-19T19:19:34+03:00

Documents for incorporating a new company in Bulgaria  depends on the Legal form (AD, EAD, OOD, EAD, NGO), as every Legal form has different demands and procedures.

What is I.B.C. stands for?2020-05-20T14:54:19+03:00

I.B.C. stands for International Business Company

What is the annual maintenance cost of an International Company ?2020-05-19T19:38:32+03:00

Annual Maintenance cost is depending from the country where the I.B.C (International Business Company) is incorporated.

What is the annual maintenance fees of a Bulgarian Company?2020-05-19T19:20:01+03:00

Annual Maintenance fees  is depending from:

  1. accounting records per year
  2. annual turnover
  3. legal form of the company
What is the incorporation cost of an International Business Company ?2020-05-19T19:37:01+03:00

Incorporation cost is depending from the country where the I.B.C (International Business Company) is incorporated.

What is the setup cost of a new company in Bulgaria?2020-05-19T19:15:54+03:00

Setup cost of a new company in Bulgaria depends on the Legal form (AD, EAD, OOD, EAD, NGO)

What is the time needed for incorporating a new company in Bulgaria?2020-05-19T19:05:46+03:00

Incorporation time of a new company in Bulgaria  depends on the Legal form (AD, EAD, OOD, EAD, NGO), as every Legal form has different procedures.

What is the time needed for setting up an International Company?2020-05-19T19:38:06+03:00

Incorporation time is depending from the country where the I.B.C (International Business Company) is incorporated.

Which are the Offshore characteristics?2020-05-19T19:30:40+03:00
  • Tax Heaven Companies with 0% Tax Rate

  • Pay annual licence fee – 0% Tax

  • No obligation to have local director

  • No information on beneficiaries

  • No information at the Registrar on Director’s / Shareholders

  • Low cost of maintenance

  • Ability to use corporate directors
  • Not obliged to submit financial report

Which are the Offshore destinations?2020-05-20T15:09:51+03:00
  • Seychelles
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cayman Islands

  • Belize
  • Delaware
  • Marshall Islands
  • Mauritius Islands
  • Liberia
  • Guernsey
  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar
  • Jersey

Which are the Onshore characteristics?2020-05-19T19:32:04+03:00
  • Low Management Costs
  • Low Corporate and Personal Income Tax Rates
  • Low Annual Accounting Costs
  • Double Tax Treaty Conventions with all EU Country Members

Which are the Onshore destinations?2020-05-20T17:32:10+03:00
  • Bulgaria

  • Cyprus

  • United Kingdom

  • Sweden

  • Denmark

  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Malta

  • Scotland

Which is the minimum registered capital?2020-05-19T18:52:59+03:00
  • 2 BGN for OOD/EOOD (LLC)

  • 50.000 BGN for AD/EAD (JSC)

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