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Car and Truck Registration in Bulgaria

Register your car or truck in Bulgaria. We aim to offer to our customers a complete solution for the purchase of a suitable vehicle (commercial trucks, passenger car, etc.) for their expansion and investment in Bulgaria. TaxManagement undertakes the market research for the most economical solution for you within the local market and official delegations.

There is also the possibility of purchasing vehicles through financing programs, leasing or operating leasing even for a new company without proven income. In that case it is obligatory to pay 35% from the value of the car as first payment. TaxManagement can organise this entire process, after we make the necessary financial research as we are Official Partners with two of the biggest Banks in Bulgaria, UniCredit BulBank and DSK Bank.

The vehicle market in Bulgaria is free and you can register your car or truck in Bulgaria of your choice, and driving the vehicle is not restricted to any circulation within the limits of the EU.

For Greek citizens should be noted that there are specific controls in Greece and for this reason we recommend obtaining a Permanent Residence Card in the country of Bulgaria. In other EU countries there is no limitation.

The vehicle is subject to a 5 – year amortisation of the balance sheet, while for cars type SUV with 5 +1 positions the entire amount of VAT (20%) of the purchase price is refunded to the company.

TaxManagement can also assist you with all the necessary from the Bulgarian statutory procedures (annual audit, insurance, road tax).

Car and Truck Registration in Bulgaria with ease and most important, always on time.

Residents who DO NOT make a tax declaration in Bulgaria, may face temporary attachments and fines if they get a car in Bulgaria to move them to their country. In these cases, we recommend that interested parties first consult their lawyer and tax adviser in the country in which they are tax residents so as to avoid any problems.

Our International Department of Tax Planning has executives and directors with extensive experience in company formation in Bulgaria, establishment, operation, installation and new business development. As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

Cars in Bulgaria

Included in package

  • Market Research
  • Registered Plates issuance
  • Price research in case of import
  • Annual Technical Inspection
  • Customs Clearance
  • Insurance
  • Financing Research

Register a company in Bulgaria

within EU

Why choose TaxManagement

TaxManagement is made up of executives with more than 20 years of experience in the field of finance as well as by a large-scale Legal Department with coverage in 9 countries.

The TM group of companies owes its continuous success and growth to the absolute confidential and secure way of managing its clients’ data. We thank our clients for their trust with new and leading services!.

As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs. Full comparison table for all available registration packs is here.

Registration Process Step by Step

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Company Registration in Bulgaria

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