Payroll Services in Bulgaria
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Payroll Services in Bulgaria

Outsourcing Payroll Services in Bulgaria is a must have as every Businesses in Bulgaria have different payroll needs and our obligation is to help our clients have all their payroll according the Bulgarian legislation needs.

Our object is to make the payroll simple for all our clients. We are in the position to provide unique payroll services that are best for the specific needs of the business whether it is a small business, middle-size companies or corporations, sole proprietors and household employees.

We offer optimization of the payroll processes in order to simplify payroll administration and the same time to minimize the risks. We provide complex payroll management and solutions for the employers of every size and corporate structure.

Our heavily-trained employees further make calculation of the social security and taxes for payroll and take care of the employees’ payroll tax filing.

Outsourcing payroll services with us, mean that you get assistance with the payments of the net salaries and state liabilities to the state budget and with submission of all necessary reporting documents to the Bulgarian authorities.

Outsourcing Payroll advantages

Processing of salaries, social securities and taxes is often a complex and confidential matters that require full knowledge and careful study of the changes in regulatory requirements.

To process the payroll agenda of your employees on a high-quality level you would need at least a payroll accountant, a lawyer and a quality software, apart from additional related indirect costs. Moreover, deadlines would appear in your calendar steadily which you have to keep in carrying out wages-related matters, deadlines provided for by law and, thus, mandatory for you.

With our outsourcing Payroll services you stop having any kind of such concerns. Every service offered is covered by Professional Liability Insurance.


We understand that confidentiality in the processing of pay is essential. Therefore, our system can automatically send each month to each of your employee e-mail, containing pass protected file containing the personal salary slip.

Our International Department of Tax Planning has executives and directors with extensive experience in company formation in Bulgaria, establishment, operation, installation and new business development. As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

Accounting Services in Bulgaria

Included in package

  • Hiring Announcements
  • Voluntary Leaves
  • Dismissals
  • Payroll Ledgers
  • Preparation of labor and civil contracts
  • Submission of Time-Off Schedules to the Labor Authorities
  • Full and Part Time Employment Contracts
  • Declaration 1, “Declaration 3 and Declaration 6 for the National Revenue Agency
  • Representation to the Social Security, Tax & Labor Authorities
  • Payment slips
  • Accounting GL Entries
  • Bonuses Calculation
  • Customised Reports and Forecasts
  • Regular and Extra Payroll Cycle Calculation
  • Withholding Tax Returns preparation and Submission to the Tax Authorities
  • Analytical Periodical Declarations Preparation and Submission to the Social Security Authorities
  • Monthly Statements of Social Security Payments

Why choose TaxManagement

Accounting in BulgariaTaxManagement is made up of executives with more than 20 years of experience in the field of finance as well as by a large-scale Legal Department with coverage in 9 countries.

The TM group of companies owes its continuous success and growth to the absolute confidential and secure way of managing its clients’ data. We thank our clients for their trust with new and leading services!.

As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

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Professional Liability Insurance

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All our services are covered with
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