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TaxManagement undertakes to identify your long-term goals into a 3 – year horizon and the planning of every stage needed in order to achieve these goals.

We carry out the collection and the analysis of all information required for the business environment surrounding your business, analyse the sector in which your activities take place, the consolidation of a project, the planning for to achieve your goals, elements which are necessary in order for the planning to be effective.

Strategic planning is matching the capabilities of your company and the opportunities available and is required both for large as for small and medium sized businesses. Planning is an important in any business venture.

It can determine whether your business will succeed or not. You should set up a business plan very carefully before you invest your time and especially your money in any business venture. The absence of a business plan is often one of the major factors that lead to business difficulties.

Our International Department of Tax Planning has executives and directors with extensive experience in company formation in Bulgaria, establishment, operation, installation and new business development. As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

Strategic Planning and Development in Bulgaria

Why i need a Strategic Business Plan

  • organise your planning activities;

  • acquire financial assets;

  • determine the viability of your project in a chosen market;

  • find the solution to the problems arising during the process of costing Industrial & craft products and services to various companies;

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Why choose TaxManagement

TaxManagement is made up of executives with more than 20 years of experience in the field of finance as well as by a large-scale Legal Department with coverage in 9 countries.

The TM group of companies owes its continuous success and growth to the absolute confidential and secure way of managing its clients’ data. We thank our clients for their trust with new and leading services!.

As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

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